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Jordan Pyle, Editor

An archaeologist named Julia Schablitsky had been searching for Harriet Tubman’s former family home in Maryland, with no luck. However, she recently found a coin dated 1808 that led her and her team to the discovery of multiple artifacts on site that suggest it to be the location of the home of Tubman’s father, Ben Ross.

According to officials on the project, the team found “bricks, datable pieces of 19th-century pottery, a button, a drawer pull, [and] a pipe stem” (The Washington Post). The uncovered evidence as well as records and the location of the objects found suggest to archaeologists that they have located Tubman’s father’s home.

The discovery of the property could highlight the role that Tubman’s family played in her part in the Underground Railroad. Tubman would have spent much of her formative years in the cabin being taught by her father, and her future accomplishments might not have been possible without this stepping stone in her childhood.

Her father taught her how to navigate using the night sky, how to survive in the wilderness, and even taught her about the Underground Railroad itself. He was an agent for the Railroad as well. Without him and the cabin as an escape from their lives as slaves, she may not have become the woman we know today.

This archaeological discovery could potentially provide more details about Tubman’s life as the excavation continues.