Submitted by Caleb Jordan

Claire Stinger, Editor

The Connersville High School Bowling Club travelled to Fort Wayne, Indiana in late March 2021 to finish their impressive season. Despite the challenges that COVID-19 brought the team this season, the boys managed to score wins at sectionals, regionals, and semi-state. While at state, after a hard played match, the team was unfortunately unable to pull a victory; however, they managed to place third in the state competition, which was held with 189 other high school teams. This is a huge accomplishment, taking into consideration the hard work these boys and coaches have put in to make it to state for two consecutive years.

Junior Wesley Boyd over-all impressed at the state competition as well. Aside from every member of the team working hard, Boyd caught a little more attention than the rest. Boyd placed first in the state as an individual bowler, and received a medal and an Indiana shaped plaque, acknowledging his accomplishments this season. 

While in the competition, the community and some of the team members made it their motto for the team to “strike for Mike.” This expression was dedicated to Mike Vanover, who greatly impacted the bowling community in Connersville. Mike was the owner of the Connersville Bowling Alley, Plaza Lanes, where the team practiced and boys bowled on their own. However, with a heavy heart the team had to go to state without his physical support and words of encouragement, due to his passing on March 24, 2021.

Congratulations to the Connersville High School Bowling team, and State Champion bowler Wesley Boyd! Spartan Nation cannot wait to see them grow and see how far they go next season.