Riley Austin, Editor

Crowds of protestors have expressed their outrage over Georgia’s newly enacted voting rights bill.

On March 25, Georgia signed a new voting law, The Election Integrity Act of 2021, and many are upset. This new law changes how voting in this battleground state will work. People are especially worried due to this, because a battleground state within presidential elections are heavily sought after and can determine who wins the presidency. The law implements new rules impacting different topics such as requiring a driver’s license or state ID card, more restrictions on mail-in voting, lack of voting drop boxes, and more time constraints. These time constraints mainly affect advanced voting, starting at 9 am and lasting till 5 pm.  Many fear towards voter suppression. This is a result of lack of access to absentee ballot boxes as well as this bill making it illegal to provide water or food to people standing in line. 

The protestors feel this is a targeted act due to the outcome of the last presidential election. A lawsuit has been filed by two separate civil rights groups because they feel that this new law will “disproportionately affect voters who are elderly, indigent, or from minority communities.”

The Supreme Court and the proponent of voters state that this is not a form of voter suppression nor will it cause any major differences. Republicans believe that all of these new changes ensure the security and validity of every election. 

People are completely divided on this topic, and no one knows for sure how this will affect the election process. Those who are concerned will have to wait in order to see how impactful this new bill really is.