March 16, 2021

The burger on your table or the bacon in your fridge was more than just food. That meat came from the body of a defenseless animal who was forced to the slaughter with no chance of survival. If this animal fought back, it was kicked, yelled at, possibly even cruelly cut without any numbing for the pain. If the animal squealed too loud from that abuse, the process was repeated. This is the final moment in the life of the 77 billion animals slaughtered each year. While over 850 million animals yearly never even made it through the doors. According to animalmatters.org, these 850 million animals die from stress-induced causes, disease, or injury.

There is a phrase many vegans and vegetarians worldwide use, “if slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.” Yet even after companies like P.E.T.A record video footage of the inside of these horror houses, the meat industry continues to boom. 

“But they do it humanely,” is the common excuse. However, if they knew the reality behind the “humane” standards, they would not use that in their defense. The concept of humane slaughter is impossible as long as the word slaughter is a part of the conversation. “Humane slaughter” follows a process that is still violent, this being without all of the violations of the guidelines they are set to follow. According to compassioninfoodbusiness.com, there are three ways the murdering of these innocent animals occurs. The first being a bullet to the head, which may sound harmless, but in some occasions, the animal will survive. At this point, the animal is in immense pain, trapped in a confined space, and bleeding profusely. The second way is electrical stunning, where they send the animal into cardiac arrest and slaughter them. There have been cases when the animal regains consciousness during the slaughter. The final is lowering the oxygen levels. They then fill the room with nitrogen or carbon dioxide to cause unconsciousness and slaughter the unexpecting animals in that manner. There are also other strategies like hammer blows to the head, electric water baths, and throat-slitting, occasionally sawing once the knife becomes dull, and meat hooks, while alive.

Slaughterhouse workers have even confessed to the horrors that occur behind closed doors. One slaughterhouse worker, in an interview with animalethics.org, recalled “[dragging] a cow till’ their bones started breaking.” The horror that must have filled this animal’s body as they went through this excruciating pain. This is just one of the many examples of how “humane slaughter” can never truly be humane. 

Another horrific thing that occurs is the mental and physical strain that these animals fight through. If an animal is slaughtered while conscious, which can happen, it hears the screams of agony from this innocent victim, as it awaits its inevitable death. The cooped-up areas that confine them are often dirty and packed. This causes another increase in anxiety, as well as strains their body so they stay confined. 

If this made you uncomfortable it should. Stand up and do something about it. Get involved with groups like PETA and other animal rights groups. Stop the continued suffering that illegally continues with no punishment. Because if you don’t help, who will?


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