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Samuel Mills, Staff Writer

There is a lot going on in the world around us. Every single day, people are affected by the choices made by others around them. Why not make those effects positive? Anyone who has surplus food, clothes, money, and more can brighten a person’s day by donating to a charity; however, any potential donors should make sure that their hard-earned and cherished items are going to a good cause.

There are thousands and thousands of charities for a philanthropist to choose from, and it is not an easy choice. Unfortunately, a select few “charities” are scams out to take advantage of generous people. Not only do these charities steal from people, but they also make donors skeptical of authentic charities. This is why a donor should thoroughly research any charity that they consider donating to. On that note, donors should also try to eliminate any middle man in the donation process. For example, the donation box at a fast food restaurant may look tempting, but some of these restaurant boxes take a percentage of the donated money for themselves. To make sure that the entirety of your donation is put towards a charity, it is best to donate directly to that charity. Many charities have websites or other locations where they can directly accept contributions. Of course, that poses its own challenges, especially for less tech-savvy people. Fortunately, the internet is not the only place where donations can be made. Even locally, places like Goodwill and Blessing Boxes accept donations.

Now that it has been clarified that direct donations to researched charities/organizations are safer and more efficient, the next step is to decide which charities to choose from. There are multiple options, and a link to a list of great charities is provided at the end of the article. The charities compiled on this website are both reliable and convenient. Readers are encouraged to visit this website and see for themselves which charities would be best suited for them. More generally, it is possible to narrow down the list of options by figuring out what issue is most important to each individual. Someone who cares about the environment may be more prone to donate to charities focused on planting trees, cleaning up oceans, or saving endangered species. Someone who wants to help children in need could donate to charities to improve education or to provide children with new clothes and school supplies. There are so many good options, so it is important that a donor thinks hard about their choice.

Charities are a fantastic way for people to support one another. They help people give back to their small communities and the wider world around them. As long as donors make sure that their contributions are going to a credible source, it is nigh impossible to make a bad choice of charity or organization to support. Whether someone donates locally or online, their generosity makes a difference in the lives of other people. With so much happening in the world, some people, places, and animals need that little bit of assistance that the rest of us can provide them with.

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