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Riley Austin, Editor

On the week of February 13, a rush of frigid temperatures hit the United States.

People across the country were unprepared for such a winter storm. States that are not equipped for this winter weather, such as Texas, Colorado, Mississippi, and other southern states, received snow and record breaking temperatures. Other states that are more apt with handling snowy conditions, such as Indiana and Michigan, were slammed with winter weather and travel advisories reached orange and red levels. The orange level means that travel is not recommended, except for essential travel, and the red level means that travel is restricted except for emergency vehicles including ambulances and fire trucks. 

Texas and the other southern states received 1”-2”. Since having snow in these areas is such a rare occurrence, they were unable to salt the roads to make travel more bearable, nor do they have the knowledge of how to drive in these weather conditions. People across the state began heavily using heaters when electricity is not normally used, which caused the power to go out in different places statewide. 

Locally, in Connersville, school closings and two hour delays were frequent both the week prior and the week of this snow storm. Testing throughout Connersville High School was pushed back for two weeks. Roads were dangerous and different locations lacked the salting or sanding necessary to make travel less dangerous. Both salt and sanding the streets provides more traction for traveling which makes road conditions safer.

The power has since returned to the Texas community, and schools in Connersville are back to regular attendance. Half of Texas must still boil their water before using it, as a precaution due to the frigid weather wreaking havoc on the infrastructure. Citizens are glad to be back to their normal lives, without the added stress of the winter storm.