Claire Stinger, Editor

The Connersville High School Clarion student-led newspaper has been solely an online publication in recent years. However, there is a change coming to the program leading to a more traditional addition. The newspaper staff and editors have been hard at work producing articles for the website and hand selecting the articles for the first edition of the 2021 Connersville High School physical newspaper. The newspaper has not been printed since 2018 due to a lack of funding. Now, due to the graciousness of local businesses purchasing ads, they will be able to print the physical paper and potentially a magazine, all while still running the online publication.

Some of the work being done by the six member staff is not included in the required curriculum for the class. The students on the Clarion staff work tirelessly around the clock to ensure that deadlines are met. While editors, doing the same, are putting in the extra time and effort to design the magazine (template provided by previous editors Abbi Stinger and Tori Brandt) as well as the newspaper, template provided. The work done on both of these is not for a grade in the class, but done out of the dedication to the course. 

The work being done has been manageable, yet challenging. The staff as well as Mr. Vaughn, Clarion advisor, is doing a middle school call-out meeting, as well as attempting to start a publications club at the high school. This is their effort to expand the publication and make it more wide spread. 

There is a survey in the bio on the Connersville Clarion Instagram (@connersville_clarion) for people who are interested in purchasing an issue of the paper upon release. In this survey the community, as well as students in the high school, have the opportunity to voice their opinions on things such as how much you are willing to pay in order to purchase the paper and what type of content you would like to see.