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Riley Austin, Editor

     A swarm of youth on TikTok, an app on social media, have been working collectively writing their own musical, The Ratatouille Musical.

    TikTok trends and memes have become a large part of Generation Z’s culture. The trends that constantly cycle through each week are very impactful to this young generation. But, one trend that seemingly stayed was the rise in talk about the Ratatouille musical. The concept of this musical is both an internet meme, and a musical theatre project with teens and young adults alike involved.

    While in quarantine, a group of theatre kids as well as some professionals, including set designers, costume designers and more work on a potential Ratatouille musical. One TikToker, Emily Jacobsen, began this trend by posting one of the popular sounds on TikTok, and started this whole phenomenon. Jacobsen explained, “While cleaning up around the apartment, I started singing this little song to myself about the main character Remy…and as the day went on, I could not get it out of my head.” Others started joining in, creating different songs and choreography to this work in progress. Someone created a playbill for the musical as well. As the popularity grew, news sources started covering this, as well as different Disney channel actors acknowledging and hinting at the possibility of this becoming real.

    This did in fact, become an actual musical on January 1, 2021. This show stopping one night Broadway production included some prominent members within the TikTok and Broadway community. Actors, including prominent members of the Broadway community such as Andrew Barth Feldman, who performed as Linguini (the supporting character in this plot line), Kevin Chamberline, who performed as Chef Gusteau (a less prominent supporting character but still crucial to the plot), and lead Tituss Burgess who performed as Remy the rat.

    The musical seemed to be following the plot of the famous 2007 Disney movie, “Ratatouille”. The movie follows main character Remy the rat, as he tries to succeed in his overall dream of becoming a chef. There are very apparent issues as to why this would not be easy, and society as well as his family berate him for his dreams. 

    This one night performance acted as a virtual benefit performance for the actor fund, which is a fund to provide stability throughout the lives of entertainers. The viewers managed to raise over a million dollars to support actors in the future.