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Riley Austin, Editor

As you anxiously await the arrival of Christmas, you possibly want to go ahead and rip open those presents piling under your tree. No one would blame you for wanting to. Instead, you may want to spend your time working on other things this holiday season to avoid upsetting loved ones by opening gifts a little too early. One idea is a craft to go with your holiday spirit, such as an ornament.

For this ornament, you will need any circular ornament (color of your choice), red pom poms/foam balls found in almost any craft section of stores, white craft foam, scissors, and a hot glue gun. 

To start on this simple DIY project, you will want to first start off with your ornament. Then, you will use your hot glue gun on either your red pom poms or red foam balls, and gently attach the hot glue side onto the center of one side of the ornament. Next, you will want to cut out two antler shapes into your white craft foam and run the hot glue along the bottom side of each antler. Finally, hold the glued side of the antlers to the top of the ornament until it is set in place.