From left to right : Lucas Day-11, Logen Jordan-9, Caleb Jordan- Head Coach, Jameson Dykes-11, Dakota Littleton-11, Peyton Rowland-12, Garrett Davidson-11, Wesley Boyd-11, Jordan Abraham-11, Michael Chaney-Assistant Coach. Photo C. Jordan

Claire Stinger, Editor

While the CHS bowling club was only established in recent years, they have secured several victories on multiple occasions. The members of the club won their match on October 24 against Randolph Southern, 9-1. Impressively enough, at the conclusion of this match, the team had an overall series of 2102, the highest team series in Indiana, according to CHS bowling club sponsor Caleb Jordan. 

This year’s club members are senior Peyton Rowland, juniors Jordan Abraham, Jameson Dykes, Garrett Davidson, Wesley Boyd, Dakota Littleton, Lucas Day, and freshman Logan Jordan.

As the season progressed, juniors Garrett Davidson and Wesley Boyd achieved a major accomplishment. Davidson is tied for second place in the state in his individual 517 series. Boyd is tenth in the state, holding a 487 individual series. 

The members of the bowling team now have a record of 3-0 and remain undefeated. With this accomplishment comes “being tied for first in their conference,” explained Coach Jordan. With competition season in full swing, Coach Jordan plans for the team to continue to grow and do even greater things than they have done before. Jordan voiced that “[he has] never seen a greater team of bowlers.”

The club prepares for all teams they may face, no matter their size, or how they have competed before. Jordan explained that “In bowling, anyone or any team can have a good day and sneak up on you. “The guys know what they need to work on, and try to focus as much as they can on that.”

Despite the challenges brought from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the club is doing everything it can to keep some sense of normalcy while protecting themselves and others. The club still practices together when they are able to at Plaza Lanes twice a week. In order to continue to put in their hard work safely, they wear their masks while competing and practicing. 

Jordan encourages anyone looking for something to do next year to try out for the bowling team. If there is enough female interest next year, Jordan would love to establish a female bowling club as well. “I would implore any student, male or female, to give bowling a shot,” Jordan said. Jordan feels from personal experience that this is a great place to develop lifelong friendships and reveal opportunities for college scholarships.