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Riley Austin, Editor

The Connersville High School Speech Team is being reinstated after an approximate two year break. English teacher Mr. Munger, and Mrs. Munger are responsible for jump starting this team.

Speech and Debate is a national accredited group in which you can build skills that will better prepare you for life. “Speech and debate provides students an opportunity to develop skills in research, critical thinking, organization, persuasion and communication” as stated by the National Federation of High School Associations. Mrs. Munger highlights the benefits of speech, stating that it can “also improve reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills, sharpen critical thinking skills, foster intellectual curiosity, and increase motivation and engagement,” all of which will benefit future lives. Munger also reassures students that besides just life skills, speech can help you “form lasting friends with people with similar interests and build skills that will serve them in college and throughout their personal and professional lives.” Speech also can contribute to a potential schooling career because it is considered an academic extracurricular activity which looks good on college applications.

Although due to COVID precautions, the speech team is pushing to still manage to do some competitions to work on getting Connersville’s reputation back to the magnitude it once had. Competitions will still be held this year but may there may be a slight change on how these competitions play out compared to years prior. Competitions are scheduled to all be virtual including the state competitions. This will put a potential damper on students expanding their social skills with their peers from around the state, but will be better for the new Connersville team, considering the competitions will be much less in cost.

A small group of individuals from the speech team sent in videos for a competition that is being held December 5th. There will be many more upcoming competitions in hopes to regain some of the prior popularity.