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Samuel Mills, Staff Writer

In fall 2020, concerns were raised about the possible spread of COVID-19 between trick-or-treaters and their neighbors on Halloween. This is particularly true for Fayette County, which has been one of the most heavily impacted counties in the entire state of Indiana. This left many of Fayette County’s parents with a difficult decision to make. Parents wanted their children to have a fun Halloween experience while also keeping them safe and taking any necessary precautions.

In light of this, Connersville Mayor Chad Frank made an announcement on TV3 Connersville’s Facebook page (a link to this page can be found below). In this video, Mayor Frank urged listeners to “follow CDC guidelines and recommendations” in order to lessen the spread of the virus as much as possible. Some of the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines include frequent hand washing, wearing a face mask when near other people, and social distancing.

“Be respectful of each and everyone’s decision whether to participate or not,” Mayor Frank advised in an effort to avoid potential conflicts between those who did or did not participate in the festivities. Mayor Frank emphasized that there are some people more at-risk of contracting or dying from the virus than others, and that these people need to be protected..

Trick-or-treating was scheduled for Saturday, October 31st, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and went off without a hitch. COVID-19 has brought many challenges, but the diligence of parents, neighbors, and Mayor Frank allowed Connersville’s kids to have their (safe) Halloween fun.