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TyAnne Woodward, Staff Writer

Do you hear that? That is the sound of our choir rehearsing, followed by our new director. Now, some of you may know, some may not. Mr. Tyler had moved away so he had to step down from his position here at school. Meeting the new director first hand, he picked a good person to fill his shoes!

Her name is Ms. Shafer. She is a former music teacher from Eastview and Maplewood Elementary School. She has always loved to sing! “My experience in school was inspiring and I wanted to make that happen for others,” explained Shafer.  Therefore, she became our new director. Is it more stressful than teaching at elementary? “No because this is where I truly feel like I belong,” she said. This has become her new home.

Jordan Pyle Photo

Putting in some input, the freshman put in their insight of how choir is so far. Lindsay Purtlebaugh says she feels like she can express her personality and likes the class a lot. “Yes, it’s a class I can enjoy,” Purtlebaugh said about coming back next year.

Upperclassmen put their feelings on how her work has been so far. Sara Carsey, sophomore, said that it’ll take some time getting used to, but she thinks Shafer will do just fine with the way she is running things. “It’s more organized,” says Evan Osborn, a junior in choir. He says it feels different, and it’s not necessarily more free but we all have a chance to express ourselves more freely and independently than before. Lastly, Zach Martin, senior, said one thing he’d like to accomplish this year that he didn’t get to last year is being more of a leader. “I really want to be the bass for the basses section” Martin said. 

Many people think she is a good fit so far. It’s safe to say that the CHS Choir is in good hands.