Samuel Mills, Staff Writer

In spring of 2020, the fieldhouse finished construction. Since the 2019-2020 school year was cut short due to COVID-19, many students are only now using the fieldhouse for the first time. The field house has several facilities, including basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, which help student athletes improve.

While the fieldhouse is primarily beneficial to student athletes, one part of that fieldhouse that can benefit anyone at CHS is the new attendance office.

Fieldhouse receptionist Jane Townsend, a staff member at CHS for over five years, stated that the fieldhouse is “more convenient for those that can’t walk far.” For example, the fieldhouse attendance office is located closer to an entrance than the old one was, making it more accessible for visitors to CHS.

However, while the fieldhouse is useful in many ways, Townsend feels that being in the fieldhouse may reduce her interaction with students as compared to the old attendance office. “We don’t see the students,” Townsend mentioned, saying that students do not come through the fieldhouse very often. Townsend added that sometimes students come into the fieldhouse thinking that it was the nurse’s office, which it is not. She emphasized that there needs to be a “better flow” of students coming through the fieldhouse, and that those students need to know how the fieldhouse can or cannot help them. 

“[I] feel left out,” Townsend confessed, stressing that she does not get to interact with students as much as before nor does she see students interacting with one another. Townsend explained that seeing who students interact with can make them easier to track down through their friends whenever they are needed. Between working in the previous attendance office and the new one in the fieldhouse, Townsend could not comment on which of the two she prefers.

So far, the fieldhouse seems to have its fair share of benefits and drawbacks alike for the students and staff of CHS. Many of the issues that it appears to have, such as students not knowing what the fieldhouse is even for, are likely due to its newness and will probably be resolved with time. One related issue, staff members feeling left out, may ease over time as students frequent that area more; however, they could also become bigger problems if not addressed and subsequently handled in a way that can benefit everyone involved. The fieldhouse is a fantastic addition to the CHS campus, but there may be a few growing pains to work through as it becomes the new entry way for the school.