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Claire Stinger, Editor

As the school year begins, CHS  faces many changes. Masks on every face, the activity center became the main gates, and there are new teachers in several classrooms. While teaching during a pandemic  is not ideal, these teachers are doing everything they can to make the best out of the situation. 

The English department has several unfamiliar faces this year. Mr. Hizey, Mr. Munger, Mr. Blake, and Mr.Vaughn can be located in their rooms spreading positivity and encouragement through their lessons. If Hizey can not be found in his room, he can be found working with the wrestling team on the mat, or with his theater class in the auditorium.Each teacher went to a different college than the other. Hizey attended several different colleges due to being paid to wrestle. However, he finished his education at IU. Munger studied at three different colleges and finished at Cornell University. 

The three share the goal of teaching their students beyond what lies in the curriculum. “[I want students to] leave my classroom with the ability to question the information given,” Hizey explained. 

As the year continues these three are excited to get to know their students and connect with them. Munger, however,  is excited about something else as well. This year, Munger is excited to see “young people find that spark,” the spark that they enjoy reading and writing.

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Each of them got the opportunity to get to know their students by applying for the position at CHS. Munger’s wife works at CHS and told him wonderful things so he applied. Hizey felt he had the best interview with CHS. 

Mr. Vaughn joined the CHS staff with a variety of different classes to teach along with an English class. Vaughn teaches Journalism, Clarion, Cohiscan, English Literature, and Photography. Vaughn’s previous position was DIrector of Advancement Technology and Information Support Services for the Ball State University Foundation. Previous to this position, he  originally worked for Applied Science Laboratories, that produces eye tracking hardware and software.  Vaugh was involved in worldwide marketing, installation, and support of these systems.  Vaughn feels like this industry has helped prepare him for his job at CHS. 

While teaching and training are a consistent thread through Vaughn’s career,, he has never taught this type of publication class. He’s previous experience, however, involved a great deal of travel, along with a position as Executive Director of the Indiana Distance Learning Association during his graduate studies at Ball State’s Center for Information and Communication Sciences.  Before coming to CHS, Vaughn took a position at Hagerstown where he confirmed that teaching was the right path for him. While new to teaching a student publication class, he is excited about the challenge. 

“It’s going to be challenging, but it’s going to be worth it” Vaughn assured. 

In J119, Mrs. Halcomb brings smiles to students’ faces with a comforting environment created in her World History room. If CHS has to do any form of remote learning, Halcomb hopes to bring her positive energy and comforting environment with that as well. Halcomb is very excited to get to know all of the students as well as faculty and further those connections no matter what the year brings. 

Halcomb feels the best part about teaching “[…] is the people.” While she has previously taught for six years, some of which she was able to help those in special education courses further their education, most of which were in Texas. Halcomb plans to bring her teaching in Indiana beyond classroom material as well. Halcomb hopes to help her students find their sense of self while in her classroom. 

Outside of the core classes, another positive teacher is joining the staff of Columbia.The choir department is now under the direction of former Maplewood and Eastview Elementary music teacher, Miss.Shafer. Shafer went to college at Bellarmine University in Louisville Kentucky. However, she knew she wanted to pursue a career in music far before she arrived at college. Shafer joined the band in fifth grade and choir in sixth grade, she has been involved with music since then. 

“Music’s always been my favorite thing,” Shafer explained

 Due to COVID-19, as well as Shafer wanting to focus solely on allowing students to enjoy the music, there will be a variety of changes to the choir program this year. The entire choir will no longer be dancing at concerts because Shafer hopes to allow more people to join the choral program.

In the choir there is now “ […] something for everyone,” Shafer explained with a smile.

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Congratulations to all the new staff at CHS this year. The dedication shown through their ability to educate and help students develop life-long skills will not be taken for granted this school year.