Riley Austin, Editor

Students in the theatre group begin to work tirelessly in hopes to put together another great show for this theatre season under the supervision of director Lynette Eklund,  and assistant director Daniel Phelps.

Auditions for “The Count of Monte Cristo” occurred on August 24 and 25 after school in the Connersville High School Auditorium. In these two days, students auditioned with the given sides, little sections of a script used to audition, and showed their talent. Eklund and Phelps then spent many hours after auditions, about three in total, perfecting the cast list as well as scheduling for the next two months. The nervous tension built between the actors as they waited for the cast list to be posted the following day. Excitement flowed through the air as students searched for their name on the cast list. No matter how their role, everyone was excited to be a part of the upcoming theatre season.

Now, students are already fast at work and anticipation is building as the days left to rehearse dwindle down. The pressure is on for the actors as well as the director. Eklund strives to make the show as enjoyable for the audience as well as the cast, but she also wants to be able to tell a classic story. 

Eklund, Theater Director at CHS, said that she loves doing classics because she likes “introducing classic stories that aren’t read anymore so that they don’t die”. 

Despite all of the excitement with this show, there are inevitable worries that come with every play, as well as added stress with new Covid-19 precautions. Students will wear face shields during rehearsal and practice social distancing anytime they are not in the middle of a scene. The show does not include any unnecessary physical contact; however, the normal concerns are still prominent.
Eklund said one of her main priorities with the new students is that they “enjoy it enough to want to come back”.

With the newcomers, the first show is typically the hardest. The combination of either trying to learn lines and stage directions or just getting used to the dynamics of theatre, most newer people struggle. Despite this, many enjoy the community and will come back each semester for the new plays. “The Count of Monte Cristo,” will premiere on the weekend of October 16 through 18. Ticket prices are five dollars for students and eight dollars for adults. The cast and crew would greatly appreciate your attendance.