Kylah Roberts, Staff Writer

We have all heard the old fairytale of Cinderella with the evil step family, the carriage that is made of a pumpkin, and the spell that breaks at midnight. Marissa Myers took this story and turned it into a science fiction book series titled the lunar chronicles that not only includes the retelling of Cinderella in the first book, but also many other fairy tales over the course of the series. 

The lunar chronicles has quickly become one of my favorite book series. It is full of plot twists, magic, action, and adventure. It even has elements of other books that I love like the plague from the maze runner. There are a few plot holes that i noticed while reading and at some points terms used in the books can be hard to understand. Things like cyborgs being second class citizens confused be because the way the author wrote it it is almost like they look the same as humans. 

In the book Cinder, the main character, is a well known mechanic in the town of New Beijing. She is considered one of the best but she has to hide the fact that she is a cyborg from everyone. Her step mother is always making her do repairs around the house just to keep her from doing things like going into town. She is supposed to be doing work for the king but when her sister gets sick with the plague she is forced to hand over her new leg to her stepmother, talk about cruel and unusual punishment. She is also forced off by her stepmother. One doctor finds out she is immune to the plague and wants to do testing on her, she agrees so she can try and save her sister. Around this time the king falls sick and the prince must quickly find someone to marry; so he holds a ball. Prince Kai personally invited Cinder to join him at the ball. Her stepmother finds out about this and is livid. She makes cinder fix the old hovercar before she can even think about going. She finds an old gas car that can get her to the castle before the end of the ball. When she gets there everything goes wrong. The prince not only finds out one of her secrets but two. She runs of swiftly and ends of losing her foot in her rush out 

      I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes science fiction books. Personally did not like how it ended on a cliffhanger but all of the other books are out so you wouldn’t have to wait to read them. Like I said this is an amazing book, I ended up reading it in one night because I just got hooked. I think if you like books like maze runner, Harry Potter, Hunger Games,  The selection, and Dorathy must die you will enjoy this one as well. Happy reading!