As small as the accomplishment of being a Clarion newspaper editor may seem to others, it meant the world to me. I remember the first time Tori Brandt and I realized Ms. Burke had tacked-on Editor after our name in the printed publication. First we were like, woah, this has to be a mistake, then after our disbelief passed we had a bit of a “fangirl” moment, that lasted for quite a few months actually. Because we had the privilege of being the editors for two years, we really wanted to make an impact and as well as further the program, which is just what we did. Tori and I established The Clarion online publication as well as multiple social media sites to further our reach.

Even though I am sad to be leaving The Clarion behind and sooner than I expected, it gave me so much. It gave me a voice and a platform to talk about things I was passionate about without judgement. Even though the majority of people who read my editorials did not share my opinion, it gave me the chance to grow and be confident in my beliefs while giving people a different perspective. It gave me the ability to work with and become friends with Tori Brandt, my co-editor, who I could always bounce ideas off of. Anytime one of us would come up blank, the other one would fill it in. We created this foundation together, everything we did in this class is our “baby”, and I hope more than anything to see the program continue to grow with the seeds we planted. I also was able to have Ms. Audrey Burke as a teacher, who never ceased to make class enjoyable and give us a free and creative outlet like no other class did.

You know a place was worth being when it is hard to leave, and Connersville High School will be hard to leave. However, I am leaving ready to start the next chapter of my life at Purdue University. As of right now my major is Speech Language and Hearing Sciences with a focus in audiology, and a minor in business management; in hopes of becoming a pediatric audiologist. 


“We’re adults. When did that happen and how do we make it stop?’ – Meredith Grey