May 21, 2020

In the midst of a global pandemic, communities are coming together to support each other. In the time of a crisis, people are shining through and showing the true goodness of humans. On Saturday, April 25, Hoosiers became included in the meeting for the primal goal of being good humans. On this date, over 20,000 people logged in over different devices to support the Cancer Support Indy Community through an annual event called “Laughing Matters.”
“Laughing Matters” is known to many, especially in central Indiana, as a group that helps cancer patients by making sure they are not going through everything alone. This family-friendly, annual event is typically held in person downtown, but because of social distancing efforts due to the Coronavirus, this event was held exclusively online. The public could access the live stream by either going to WTHR- NBC’s (Channel 13) website, their mobile app, or Facebook page, as well as 92.3 WTTs’ Facebook page, and the Cancer Support Community Central Indiana’s website.
Viewers were able to donate to the cause, watch comedian Dave Dugan, and bid on items. Some items that were donated include: wine tasting events, facials, trips to Holiday World and Kings Island, a skiing trip, a massage, and more. The money received from the bidding of the sold items was donated to the group and all of the items up for bidding were donated by different charitable companies. Some of the companies that donated items were Adidas, Chick-Fil-A, the Indianapolis Zoo, and many other local companies. In total, the sold items made a total of $20,115 on this website “Bidpal” which is a tool the organization used to accurately show the items. Many companies sponsored this event like Lily oncology, and WTHR13.

This event is designed to add some humor to a dreadful disease but reminding everyone that laughter can be a good form of mental medicine. The comedian that contributed to this for the “Laughing Matters” event this year was Dave Dugan. Dave Dugan is a respected comedian, who grew up in Caramel, Indiana. He is an award-winning writer, and mostly known for his clean humor. Alongside Dave Dugan to perform was supposed to be another comedian, Martin Short, but after the event had been switched to strictly over the internet, Short declined. Dugan was proud to be able to support the Cancer Support Community and its mission. The main mission of this group is to provide psychosocial support that can complement medical treatments which nurture every part of a cancer patient’s experience. President and CEO of the organization, Eric Richards, adds about the “Laughing Matters” event saying, ” It’s an evening to remember and celebrate all those impacted by this terrible disease but also as a reminder that sometimes, laughter is the best medicine”.

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