Claire Stinger, Staff Writer

  During the 2019 school year, the first shovel of a year long construction project, was taken to the ground in a groundbreaking ceremony. Students gathered around the empty space excited to see the newest addition to campus be built over the course of the next year. Even though the project has experienced several delays, it is on the final stretch before completion. According to Brent Duncan, CHS athletic director, they are hoping this project will be finished in April 2020. The construction has taken “longer than anticipated” explained Duncan. “The weather at times [has led to complications as well as] getting the ground to be compacted enough to have a solid foundation.” Both of these issues have contributed to the fieldhouse being built at a slower pace than originally anticipated.

     Duncan says the inside of the field house is going to have,“additional courts for basketball, volleyball, indoor tennis, running track, pole vault area, long jump area, batting cages (baseball, softball, golf), trainers room, concession stand, [and] locker rooms.” Duncan continued, “Once complete P.E. will be able to use it and we will work on scheduling our teams there.” This will make it easier for multiple teams to practice at the same time because there will be more practice areas available.

     The staff is very enthusiastic about the building of the fieldhouse, and hopes that it will bring positive changes to the CHS campus. “Tournaments [and] summer events” will be held in the fieldhouse after completion. However, the fieldhouse is bringing some changes to campus. There will be a “new entry and exit to CHS behind the school” according to CHS Principal Randal Judd. This will be where “all buses will drop off and pick up.” There will also be a security gate at the front of the school, which will only be used in the event of an emergency. The field house and the security gate are going to be used to enclose the courtyard, and keep the students at CHS safe. 

     Once the fieldhouse is completely open, coaches will be able to schedule their teams to practice inside the facility.  After some teams are scheduled, “there will be a calendar” made to inform everyone when the facility is booked, Duncan said. More information about scheduling will be released as the fieldhouse gets closer to opening.