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Riley Austin

Envision seeking refuge in a country for twenty plus years. You settle down in this place, and feel very safe and secure. All of those feelings change when a new leader has been appointed and much of the country’s views and rules change. You become worried about your safety in this country. One day, you realize your concerns have been validated after ICE shows up looking for your legal papers that you just don’t have due to immigrating here illegally. This situation is depicted in a new show, “Party of Five”. Party of Five is a reboot released on Freeform and available to watch on Hulu. Freeform is a channel on cable which offers similar shows that typically are considered teen drama.

The main family is portrayed by Brandon Larracuente (Emilio Acosta), Niko Guard (Beto Acosta), Emily Tosta (Lucia Acosta), Elle Paris (Valentina Acosta), Fernanda Urrejola (Gloria Acosta), and Bruno Bichir (Javier Acosta).

This story line hits close to home for Emily Tosta. Tosta can relate to her character on a personal level. Her family immigrated to America from the Domician Republic on a tourist visa. They did not have anything when they came to this country and no legal status to work.  Tosta said that she can really connect to her character because of this. 

This storyline is much more relevant today than most people could have imagined. Amy Lippman, co-creator of the original Party of Five, said that instead of recreating Party of Five with the same back story they decided to do this change. Lippman said, “the story we told 25 years ago was no longer fictional; it was happening everyday around the country. That seemed to be a good reason [for a reboot]. And it seemed in some ways a much more urgent story to be told.” 

The previous Party of Five was released almost thirty years ago in 1994. Both television shows share very similar plot lines. This includes how a group of children have to find a way to live without their parents. In the original Party of Five the story followed the Salinger family after their parents died in a car accident.