February 19, 2020


Aliyah Templeton Photo

     Sixteen year old CHS student Aliyah Templeton is breaking the standard social media limitations. Most students stick to Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or TikTok. However, on February 17, 2019, Templeton uploaded her first Youtube video titled,“AESTHETIC ROOM MAKEOVER!”, which has accumulated nearly 21,000 views. 

     Even though her first video was posted nearly a year ago, she has been filming and interested in YouTube for quite some time. “I first started filming when I was 12,” Templeton said. “I would watch D.I.Y’s and then try them on my own.” She never posted them. This was due to her being unsure of what the reaction would be. 

     Brainstorming ideas for content on her YouTube channel is a personal experience for Templeton. She only creates content that she enjoys, or would watch herself if she were on YouTube browsing. Templeton also films her life if she is doing something interesting or going somewhere she would like to share with her subscribers. She does this in the form of a vlog, or video blog.

     Her family has been supportive of her journey of posting on YouTube. Her friends are extremely supportive as well and have even been featured in a few of her videos. Her father and grandmother were a little more hesitant about the situation than the rest of her supporters however. “My dad at first didn’t get why I wanted to post my life on the internet,” Templeton explained. “My grandma was the same way.”

Aliyah Templeton Photo

    Templeton films on her phone and edits on her phone as well. She uses the program iMovie to edit her videos, and she says it was difficult at first, but now it is easier. However, she plans to edit her videos on her macbook in the future. “I have a Macbook but it’s broken at the moment,” for storage purposes.

     The content on her channel varies from beauty videos to daily vlogs. Another video she posted was to honor her mother, who unfortunately passed away. She also uses other social media to promote her makeup career. She does eyeshadow looks on herself and her friends and posts them on her instagram to keep her subscribers and other people content in between uploads. She also posts to show off her improvement on her makeup and this form artwork. If you would like to check out Aliyah’s youtube channel click the link below and show some support!

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