Kylah Roberts, Staff Writer

In the summer of 1985, a chilling voice rang out over the CB radio luring young women to his semi-truck, many of whom would never live to see the light of day again. This man went by many different CB radio handles including Dr. No, Stargazer, and Dragon. This voice would later be put to a name in 2018 when a man named Samual Legg III was charged with the rape of a seventeen year old girl. He was then charged for the murder of Charon Lynn Kendierski, a woman found dead in Austintown, Ohio in 1992. There is also DNA evidence linking him to at least three other cases. He has been wating for trial for almost a year as of December 2019 but was deemed to be too incompentent to stand trial. 

There were eight victims found missing clothes, mostly shoes and undergarmets, which were kept as trophies according to police. All of the victems were strangled, beaten, or suffocated. The women were killed, moved to a different spot, then dumped on the side of the streeet. None of them had any marks to show a gun or knife had been used in the killings. 

The body of a young girl was found dumped on the side of Interstate 75 near Mansfield, Ohio.  She had been severly beaten and was found unconscious from the abuse. Legg made no attempt to hide her body from people on the busy street was made. She was found fully clothed and sexual assult was almost impossible to test because of her profession. Her name was later found to be Marcia Mathews. Mathews never regained conciousness before dying after two days in the hospital due to brain damage and a fractured skull. She was a prostitue in the Ohio area, and mostly worked truck stops. Mathews had a young duaghter, age eight at the time, who is still fighting to bring justice to her mother. She was the first victim of the killing spree he would go on. At first, police thought this was an isolated murder. Later in the case, FBI behavioral science experts said “a serial killers first victim is often an aberration to the pattern that may evolve and often the first murder is rushed.” Police say that this could be the reason she was left still alive.

Another one of the victims Shirley Dean Taylor, age 23, was found in a black camisol tanktop leading police to believe she had been sexually assulted. Taylor had been beaten with a blunt object, and had ligature marks on her neck indicating strangulation was tried before she was beaten. She was found hidden behind a three foot high traffic barrier on the side of the highway. 

One woman was extremly different than the others. Her name was Anna Marie Patterson. A month before her dissaperance she was picked up from a truck stop by police for loitering and solicitation. Patterson made an off hand comment to police about knowing who was killing the women in Ohio but she was too afraid to name him. Police let her go and did not press her for the name. She was last seen at a truck stop in Pennsylvania after being followed by Legg. After a week of not being able to find her her husband finally filed a police report. They found out she was six months pregant at the time of her dissaperance. On March 23rd, 1987, almost a month after Pattersons’ dissaperance, a sleeping bag was found on the side of Interstate 71. The sleeping bag was filled with her body that was only slightly decomposed. It is said that she was kept on ice and preserved. Police said that she was likely killed right after her dissaperance, and was disposed of right before she was found on the side of the road. She died of blunt force trauma to the head.