Spencer Creed, Staff Writer

Early Friday morning Qassem Soleimani, head of Iran’s elite military force, was brutally killed in an airstrike

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conducted by the United States Armed Forces. Soleimani was a very powerful figure in the Iranian Republic. The country of Iran has not taken his death lightly. Funerals have been held for Soleimani in cities stretching from Baghdad to his hometown of Kerman. The citizens of Iran are in a state of uproar.

The country of Iran is  left feeling furious and devasted after Soleimani’s death. According to CBS News an Iranian Commander is vowing  to seek revenge on President Trump and even said he woud “set ablaze” all the US bases in the Middle East. With Iran suffering, the United states has begun to worry if they will try to fight back. President Trump released a statement clarifying that he has spent two trillion dollars on military weapons ensuring our safety, and our troops safety over in the Middle East. Each nation has prepared for

whatever means necessary. After several days, talk of war and death came to hault. There was peace on social media. People began to take it as a serious matter.

Late Tuesday night in Iraq, the Iranian military  launched missiles at American Troops. These American troops were responsible for the airstrike that killed Soleimani. These 12 missiles were targeted at the Al Asad and Erbil military bases.Soon after the attack, the Pentagon released a statement saying they were unable to see how many were injured or possibly deceased. A few hours later President Trump released a tweet stating that all was fine and that there had been no casualties. President Trump is set to release a statement on Wednesday assesing the destruction, and the safety of the Armed Forces in the Middle East. While no one knows exactly what will happen next, each country will continue to stand strong.