January 13, 2020

The auditorium lights dim, the curtains open, and the moment the performers have been anxiously waiting for weeks, has arrived—show time. The CHS theatre worked tirelessly to perform Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps, under direction of Lynette Eklund and Daniel Phelps. The play follows Richard Hannay, portrayed by Aidan Smith, who has found himself wrapped up in a spy ring after agent Annabella Smith, portrayed by Johanna Tammik, dies in his apartment. He obtains an un-likely alliance with a woman named Pamela, portrayed by Meleah Dye, sophomore.

Hannay finds himself having to avoid the police who are hunting him for suspecting him of murder as he tries to stop Professor Jordan, Kyle Burkhead, from releasing top secret information out of the country. 

The theatre students put in a lot of personal time for rehearsal starting in September to prepare for the show. Practices consisted of running over lines, preparing costumes and props, memorizing movements, and preparing the extras. After countless hours the performance arrived and took place on November 8-10.

Smith, 12,  who was the leading role, admitted that because this was his biggest role yet, he struggled with remembering so many lines and getting himself to feel prepared. “I ran through the show a million times in my head and stress[ed] about it until right before I step[ped] on stage,” Smith stated

Overall, the theater students put on an amazing show and many teachers and people from the town admitted it was their favorite play yet due to the strong portrayal of each character.

The upcoming spring school play will be a musical called Meet Me in St. Louis.

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