Abbi Stinger, Editor

Connersville has now become home to the twenty-fourth Safe Haven Baby Box in the country, twenty of which are in Indiana. The box was installed at the fire station at 124 South Fountain Street and a blessing ceremony was held on January 16 to represent its opening.  

Safe Haven Baby Boxes, Inc was founded in 2015 and started placing the boxes in 2016 with one goal — to give mothers a safe place to surrender babies without persecution or judgment. Monica Kelsey, the founder of Safe Haven Baby Boxes, was abandoned as a child, and she has now dedicated her life to helping children in the same situation. While there are already Safe Haven laws established in every state, Kelsey believed that alone did not stop the reports of infant abandonment and death. She also believed there was a stigma around these laws that caused women to fear judgement and prosecution. 

The boxes are typically placed on the exterior wall of fire stations and hospitals. Babies under the age of one month can be placed in the box, which regulates its internal temperature. Once the box is opened a silent alarm is sounded notifying police, and once it is closed, it locks the child inside.  On the outside of the box there is a phone number to a twenty-four-hour hotline. The hotline contacts trained professionals and allows the person surrendering the baby to discuss their decision and get support.

Nationwide over sixty babies have been surrendered since the boxes were installed and the hotline became available. 

Safe Haven Crisis Line