With Valentine’s Day Around The Corner, Time Is Running Out To Plan That Special Date Night


Tori Brandt, Editor

It is all fun and games until you forget Valentine’s Day. With the special holiday around the corner, many still have not picked out the perfect gift or set up the perfect date for their significant other.  No need to fear, there are multiple ways to keep your boyfriend or girlfriend, happy on Valentine’s day.

Cincinnati and Indianapolis offer multiple fine dining options throughout the day that are bound to make a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Sullivan’s Steakhouse in Castleton, Indiana is a very romantic place, but a little more on the pricy side. The American cuisine is flattering, but only if you are willing to fork over the cash. The same goes for Sotto in Cincinnati. The down-town Italian Restaurant has 4.7 stars, but the price point is 40-50 dollars per person. If you are looking for a cheaper way to flatter your date, Bupo di Beppo is a great Italian Restaurant, similar to Olive Garden, but with authentic Italian decor. There are locations in both Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Dayton too. 

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Of course, if even that is too pricy, White Castle is accepting reservations for the 29th annual super-extra Valentine’s Day dinner. Table side service and hostess seating will be offered. If you want to satisfy your partner’s craving for chicken this holiday, Chick-Fil-A has got you covered. The heart shaped box of nuggets comes with 30 famous Chick-Fil-A nuggets and begins selling January 20th. There is not a better way to say I love you than chick fil a. 

Sometimes, a Valentine’s date just is not enough.   Personalized “I love you” m&m’s are the sweetest way to surprise your partner this holiday. On the m&m’s website, you can customize the pink chocolate drops to say anything you desire. Another popular, yet surprising gift this year is a weighted blanket. The gift is practical and a break from the traditional candy hearts. 

However, one can never go wrong with the ever so loved and classic flowers. Nearby flower shops such as Clark’s often run Valentine’s Day specials on flowers and stuffed animals. Kroger and Walmart also offer bouquets of flowers for the occasion.