The first thing you will need for this D.I.Y holiday ornament is a clear ornament bulb with a removable top. Most ornament tops will come off fairly easily, so these will not be hard to find. All you will need after that is white styrofoam beads, a black and orange paint marker, two small poof balls, and one or more (depending on how many colors you would like) pipe cleaners as well as scissors to cut the pipe cleaners. To begin, remove the top of the ornament and fill the inside of the bulb about three-quarters of the way with styrofoam beads. Reseal the ornament tightly, and grab your paint markers. Shake the paint marker and lightly tap it on a paper towel or surface you would not mind getting a little paint on. This is to ensure that a large amount of marker does not drip down your ornament. Tilt your ornament and draw two black dots an equal distance apart. Then, you will move down an inch or two (depending on how far down you want the mouth) and draw five dots in the shape of a smile, or a curve. Once you are done, get your orange paint marker and draw a triangle in the space between your eyes and mouth, this is for your nose. Let this dry and grab your glue and puffballs. Take two pom poms and glue one on each side of the ornament, then take a pipe cleaner, or pipe cleaners, and cut them to fit in between the two pom poms. Afterward, use glue on the pom poms to glue the pipe cleaner down. Voila! You now have a cute snowman ornament, perfect for the holiday season!


Supply List : 

A clear ornament with a removable top

Black and orange paint markers

Pipe cleaners

Two small pom poms 

White styrofoam beads