Cross Country Runners Advanced to Semi-State


Beginning in 2016, the Spartan Cross Country team began to succeed through freshman, Tylissa Beckner. Early in her career, she showed promise and potential to both her coach, Glenn Arndt and her teammates. Beckner exceeded expectations and was given the award of M.V.P. each season. Now, in 2019, Beckner is a senior and is performing at her highest level and continuing to impress.

The 2019 season has been successful for the cross country team due to junior, Amelia Ross. Ross is showing the same potential as Beckner and is determined to win. “I think I was successful because of attending summer workouts and Coach Arndt’s helpfulness,” Ross said. Losing has never been an option for Beckner or Ross and that determination has sent both to compete in semi-state.

Coach Arndt will miss, “her competitiveness. She wants to be the best she can and win.” It is clear that both Beckner and Ross are an inspiration to their teammates and even their coach. Unfortunately, this season will be the last for Beckner. Leaving the team as a leading senior, Arndt hopes that her underclassmen teammates learn from her direct example.

As for Ross, her success and leadership will continue into the 2020 season. However, ending the 2019 season, Ross simply learned from Beckner that, “cross country is a very mental sport, so you always have to be in a positive mindset and never give up.” For now, the cross country team will sadly say goodbye to Beckner, but will still have Ross to follow as a team leader.