Highlight of the Triumphs of the Girls Golf Season

Alex Edwards, Sports Editor

In August, the girls golf team of eight competitors began their season. With the goal of winning, each girl began to perform at their highest level. With one freshman, five sopho-mores, one junior, and one senior, the majority of the team was young and followed the lead-ership of its senior, Alexa Weber. Each player developed skills of the game and a love for it as well.

Throughout the season, the scores began to improve, but each girl attributes that to the fact that the team became a family. Junior, Baylee Schneider, said that the team’s success was possible because of the, “family we had as a team.” Meanwhile, fellow teammate, sopho-more, Kelli Caldwell said, “This golf season was good because as a team we bonded and that helped us keep a good attitude and lower scores.” Clearly, building this foundation of being a family became the main focus of the team and winning was just a side effect.

However, high school sports are limited to four short seasons. Therefore, the end of the season was the end of Weber’s high school golfing career. Although the season is over, the im-pact she had on her teammates will not be forgotten. When sophomore Kaylynn Mohr remi-nisces the memories she created this season, she remembers that with Weber and all her oth-er teammates, “We had a lot of fun no matter what we did.” Meanwhile, freshman, Lydia Powell is grateful that throughout the season, she was able to become, “close with everyone on the team.”

After four seasons with great teammates and an outstanding coach, Weber is grateful because as she stated, “ I have improved so much and it makes me feel proud and accom-plished.” As she pinpoints the great memories that golf has given her, she is grateful for all the teammates in which she became friends with throughout her high school career as well as her coach. After four seasons, she concludes that the, “little dinners we had after some matches and just laughing every time we are all together,” is what will be missed the most.