Ricco Chomel, Staff Writer

The pet of the week for January 8th 2020, from the Fayette County Animal Shelter is a dog named Bowser. Bowser is currently still up for adoption as of 01/08/20. Bowser is a light brown with white accents. We are not aware of his breeds but he is confirmed mixed. We have chosen him as dog of the week because his age. Browser is now considered a senior dog and we would love to find someone who would spend his last few years within and make them best for him. His age is not confirmed but a veterinarian Someone has generously volunteered to pay for the adopters first bed, leash and some food for Bowser. Bowser would be a good pick because you get a great dog and some free dog supplies! Where else can you go to buy a dog and get free stuff? Come and adopt Bowser today at Fayette County Animal Shelter!

FC Animal Shelter contact info:

Number: 765-825-8693

Facebook: FayettecountyAnimalShelter/