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Ricco Chomel, Staff Writer

On Sunday August 25, a Avianne and Co. jewelry store was robbed mid-day. In the Manhattans Diamond District around noonish. A group of three African American males in costumes robbed Avianne and co. jewelry. The disguised men stole over four million dollars worth of jewelry including mostly custom pieces that cannot be replaced. Avianne and Co. is a very popular store for most hip hop and pop artists in the area, including Lil Wayne and Cardi B.

The armed robbers entered the store shortly before noon, appearing as casual customers until they led one of the workers to the back of the store at gunpoint. There they pulled out pistols and tied up all the workers with zip ties. That’s when they started grabbing everything in sight. After around ten minutes of collecting priceless jewelry the three disguised men took off on to the streets of Manhattan disappearing into thin air.

After not being picked up by multiple cabs driving by the men decided to take off on foot, “Nobody would pick them up”. A NYPD officer said. The three men were last seen running East on 47th St. The three men are still on the loose but the N.Y.P.D. have been following clues like Blue’s Clues. The NYPD officer also continued to say, “There is so much video evidence on them but they do not know who it is”. New York’s arm robbery sentencing foe prosecution is five years minimum, twenty-five years maximum. Armed robbery is considered a first degree robbery in New York. So, I guess you could say these guys dodged a bullet for now. They skated away with all that Ice