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January 16, 2020

On August 28, hurricane Dorian was born, that being the first time this Tropical-Storm touched land, according to At this point when hurricane Dorian first touched land in the Virgin Islands it was a lower storm time, later to change. Hurricane Dorian later changed into something much more severe. Hurricane Dorian later changed into a category five hurricane that will takes many lives and leave many homeless.

Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas on September 9th, 2019. Dorian took advantage of this beautiful place, and ruined people’s lives. Dorian destroyed a total of 17% of people’s lives sweeping away their houses, cars, even their family members. 17% percent is around 70,000 people without electric and much more. Dorian had winds up to 185 mph. Dorian has rose to be the second most powerful tropical storm in the Atlantic Ocean.

There was sadly a very high death toll for this event. Around forty-five people have been found dead. Thousands have still been reported missing. This category 5 hurricane hit the Bahamas for 48 hours straight. “I have nothing left here- no house, no job, no family,” said Jaachin. Who was evacuated from the Dundas town neighborhood in Abaco on Saturday, provided by

Winds were strong that hit parts of Canada. Reports say that many businesses in Canada are even out of power. The companies say it may take days to restore, as of September 12, three days later, there was no word on when the power would be up and running. Hurricane Dorian has been a disaster for everyone and Thank you for our first responder and how they risked their lives to save others in need.

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