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Ricco Chomel, Staff Writer

On September 20th 2019, the long-awaited Area 51 Raid took place at the Nevada Base. It all started June 27 by Matty Roberts on Facebook. Roberts created a Facebook page about planning a raid of Area 51. At first, the page was just a joke, but it turned out to be way more than anyone could have imagined. The raid was known for the saying “They can’t stop all of us”.

When Roberts first made the Facebook page it did not blow up like it soon did. Roberts is just a 21-year-old college student that still lives with his parents. Matty made this as a joke with his friends when he was bored one late night. Matty said the page had “around 40 followers the first 3 days”. The page racked up to 2.1 million people that had like the page.

The official raid date for this event was September 20th 2019. Days leading up to the event many townsmen and local people got ready for the incoming raid. The people turned the raid into more of a party if anything. The townspeople wanted to welcome the incoming raiders with kindness by opening shops and having food venders for them. The raiders were very happy when they found out they have a sort of make shift camp ground area with food and water to drink, with purchase of course.

The incoming raiders arrived on all times of the day on the 20th. Overall around 2,000 people shown up over the course of the day. They visited other towns to see the attractions. Around 100 people actually showed up to the gates which you have to trespass to get there, so many people were scared of getting in trouble. Most of the raiders went on about how nice and helpful the guards were about the whole situation. Were they just trying act nice to play it off as if nothings at risk? They could have just been happy that the predicted amount of people didn’t actually show up!


For now, we still do not know exactly what is in Area 51. There are many theories on what may be in there but for now we do not know. Maybe someday there will be a raid that surprises the guards or actually makes it in, but until then keep believing.