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Ricco Chomel, Staff Writer

The Corvette Stingray has always been an eye catcher on the road for many. May it be its long stingray front in that everyone knows, or even its sound as it rumbles by. It could even be the fact that you are getting the style of a high-end sports car for the price of a medium end sports car. Any way you look at it a Corvette Stingray is a great buy.

The new 2020 C8 Corvette comes out on October 2nd 2020, but it has been available for pre order online. As of December 12, 2019, the preorder has already sold out. Now if the C8 Corvette is mass produced as much as they have been ordered, 40,000 will be made. This would be a remarkable result because Corvette was taking a huge risk changing the stingray style to a mid-engine sports car.

The starting price for the C8 will be $59,995 which includes a $1,095 destination charge. Corvette has released no information about the accessories or added features or even how much they could possibly cost. This is never good when they do this, that is how they get you. The complete basic model with almost no features is the starting price with features leading up to nearly $100,000.

Many are left to wonder. What are the differences between last years (or previous years) and the 2020 C8 Corvette? Aside from going from a front engine c7 to a mid-engine C8 most of the components are just the newer versions. The main difference that everyone can clearly tell would be the body style. It goes from a super long front in, into a shorter front in. Also thickening the middle of the car to increase track time. “The C8 turned a best lap of 1:26.1, the C7 a 1:27.0” as said,, during a timed comparison race.