Chicago Rapper Died, Leaving Fans in Shock

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21-year-old Jared Anothony Higgins, better known as Juice WRLD, had a seizure in the Chicago Midway Airport that lead to his death shortly after. While on a private flight from California to the Chicago airport, Juice WRLD took several pills, believed to be percocet. Police and airport security had reason to believe that the flight may have had illegal drugs as well as weapons onboard. Once Higgins got off of his flight, the luggage that had been onboard was searched. While other people that had been on board the plane were being questioned, Jared Higgins started having a seizure. The paramedics began administering Narcan, and he was rushed to Advocate Christ Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead around three a.m.

After further investigation, the Cook County Medical Examiner , in Chicago, was still unsure cause of death. The medical examiners had not yet done any cardiac pathology, neuropathology and toxicology examinations yet. The police discovered 70 pounds of marijuana in vacuum sealed bags, as well as six bottles of prescription codeine sough syrup, three guns, and a high compacity ammunition magazine. The owner of the drugs is yet to have been determined, the owners of the guns are already being charged with illegal possession of firearms, and concealing firearms and ammunition in an airport. The owners, were the security of none other than Juice WRLD himself.

Fans of the rapper and his record label have taken to social media and interviews to express their heartbreak. Juice WRLD was described by his record label as “a gentle soul whose creativity knew no bounds” according to an interview with The New York Times. His death began trending on Twitter, giving fans the opportunity to mourn their loss. One student shared a video of 50-60 students gathered in a school bathroom to play his music, and have a memorial service. Another fan tweeted “Juice Wrlds death has me a different type of sad.”