Actor, Joaquin Phoenix is Celebrated for the Release of Joker

January 6, 2020

On Friday, October 4, 2019, theaters nationwide were bombarded with supervillain fans ready to see the unique portrayal of the widely known D.C. Comics character, Joker in his first stand-alone movie. In previous films, the character was accompanied by a superhero in which he is fighting, such as Batman. The Joker is famous for his chaotic behavior and savage mentality towards people. But, the question that the new released movie answered; what caused the Joker to become insane?

In the movie, the Joker is introduced with the name of Arthur Fleck. Fleck is a man who is simply trying to provide for his ill mother and avoid the constant bullying in the world in the meantime. In his mind, stand-up comedy is the path to fame and wealth to provide for his mother. However, the people surrounding him mock his dream and physically and mentally assault him for no reason.

As all people, Fleck has a breaking point that he is afraid to reach. He feared the consequences of going past the point of no return. But, for Fleck, life continued to deal heartache, loss, and turmoil, which pushed him over the edge. Fleck’s mother believed that his purpose was to bring laughter and joy to the world but the world seemed determined to eliminate his happiness and sense of purpose entirely. And over time, the world accomplished just that.

When Fleck learned that everything he believed was just in his imagination, confusion ensued. After being bullied and mentally abused relentlessly, life became pointless. And when the people he wanted to bring happiness to tore his happiness down, he became cold hearted. Finally, not after ‘one bad day’, but after what seemed to be a painful, long life, the creator of chaos was born.

While the movie expresses the development of a sinister villain flawlessly, critics fear of what the character will inspire in the real world. Experts believe that the movie will cause chaos and revolt among its viewers due to the violence and evil nature that it displays. However, fans believe that the movie deserves awards and should be celebrated because it is the first movie that shows the truth behind its main character. Also, fans were amazed by the dedication and talent that Joaquin Phoenix showed in the role of the iconic character.

But, what most people fear is how people who have lived similar lives to the main character will react to the movie. With the level of pain that the movie expresses, some fans are fearful of how it will be interpreted. In the D.C. universe, the Joker is a mortal man that lives to cause chaos and ruin the lives of his enemies. The Joker is a man that began with the best of intentions, but throughout time, life transformed him into a villain.

The questions that we now ask; does the real world have its Joker? Lastly, is the Joker going to inspire violence in the real world? Will this fictional character come to life in a victim of heartache and pain? Will the Joker become the real world’s creator of chaos?

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