Disney+ Brings Almost Ten Million Subscriptions

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Riley Austin, Staff Writer

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Disney+ Brings Almost Ten Million Subscriptions

Disney fans worldwide have been very thrilled and anticipating the release of Disney+. Disney+ is a new streaming service available on multiple devices that contain popular Disney movies and TV shows. Disney announced Disney+ on October 14. On November 12, Disney+ was released to the U.S., Netherlands, and Canada. One of the big reasons why people like the idea of Disney+ is that compared to its competitors, Disney+ is only $6.99 a month compared to Netflix at a soaring $13 a month. If you prepay for a year, the Disney+ subscription is $70, which means it averages to $5.83 a month. There are also different plans for paying for Disney+ such as if you have Verizon Wireless Unlimited data plan, you can have the service free for a year.

Before the launch, Disney created an official account on Twitter for Disney+ and had hyped up the launch. Disney took to twitter on the official Disney+ account to announce the shows and movies available on Disney+ in a thread. It was revealed that Disney Channel Original movies, Disney+ exclusive tv series, National Geographic episodes, Star Wars programs, and much more will be included on Disney+. 

On the day of the launch, the developers were not prepared for the amount of complications and traffic the system would receive. The platform, due to all the people, crashed and fans were upset.  Although many people had hoped Disney would be prepared, no one was prepared for the almost ten million subscriptions to Disney+ when a competitor, HBO, took three years to get to five million subscriptions. Fans took to Twitter to express their concerns when they opened the streaming service and saw ‘connection error’. The company responded to these upset clients by stating that they did not foresee the amount of complications the first day after launch but they will fix all of the problems as soon as they can. A few hours later the service was fixed and fans were elated. 

People are already streaming the original series such as The Mandalorian, an addition to the Star Wars franchise. “I plan on watching Encore and High School Musical the Musical the Series,”out of all the new original series that Disney will be releaceing on the streaming service stated junior, Anna Waterman.Whereas sophomore Lainee Boulware plans, “[…] on watching the old Disney movies.” 

  Disney+ plans to release in more places globally within the span of two years. They already have a set date to release Disney+ in Australia and New Zealand on November 19, as well as Western Europe on March 31. They have a general idea of when the platform will be released to each location. Due to the increased number of locations that Disney+ will have available to them, the price per month could gradually increase in the next two years.  

Fans say one of their favorite parts of the new service is the access to most Disney movies created, in addition to more obscure, lesser known movies. “ being able to watch almost any Disney movie [she] wants to,” is a favorite part of Waterman. 

This streaming service combines the old movies with the new and provides a type of access to your childhood that was not avalible before.