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Claire Stinger, Staff Writer

The CHS Spartanettes season began at the end of the 2018 school year with tryouts. After tryouts, intense conditioning began in preparation for NDA Dance Camp. Spartanettes went to a four-day three-night camp at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. At camp, the team won Spirit Stick, Above and Beyond certificate, three spirit ribbons, three showmanship ribbons, two technique ribbons, 22 blue ribbons, seven All American Nominee, three All-Americans, one pin it forward, NDA bid to Nationals, bronze plaque for their Team Routine and Superior Showmanship Trophy for Home Routine.  They were recognized for supporting St. Jude.  Senior,Lily Gay said that she will miss NDA Dance Camp a lot. What Gay will miss the most is “being so close to [her] team.” Camp really brings the girls together, as they celebrate their victories and wipe away each-others tears, bonding tends to occur. This year at camp, the girls became extremely close, this being due to several injuries that teammates had to help other girls with.

     After dance camp, Spartanettes hosted their annual summer kids camp. The kids are divided into K-2 and 3-5 and 6-8 and three or four Spartanettes were assigned to each group of around anywhere between 20-50 kids. CHS senior,Karastyn Bennett,will miss snack time the most when it comes to kids’ camp. The main reason not being the food but the bonding. Bennett said that snack time gives her “one on one time with the kids” and time to really see how much they “look up to [them].”There is also a winter kids camp as well that has a similar setup. 

     Once all of the camps and conditioning are done, the Spartanettes go straight into fair season. With this, comes spending nearly every night under the lights by the Spartanette dunk tank. People have the common misconception that Spartanettes is not a year-round sport but it actually is. Right after spending the summer preparing, Spartanettes hit the ground running with football season. Unfortunately, the Spartanettes only had the chance to dance at a few games, which Bennett wishes she could change. Senior,Anna Chalker,wishes that there were “not holes on the field from the players that [she] would get caught in.” This would make dancing easier under the given circumstances. Chalker suffered from a knee injury, which she danced through and it was “the hardest [she had] ever danced.” The Spartanettes also danced at soccer games and volleyball games.

     Upon the end of football season, Spartanettes immediately began preparation for basketball season. With two practices a week and other dance classes taken at Sandees Danz Explosion, the girls on the team are putting in hard work to ensure that they stay conditioned for the busy season approaching. On top of the practices and classes, the girls go into the dance studio on Sundays to begin practicing stunting with their stunting coach . This is for the annual guy girl dance, which is not until February. The team doing what they are doing, shows the dedication of the team as well as the coaches.

     For some of the girls, this is their last season on the team. They are beginning to say their goodbyes to dance at CHS and it is genuinely starting to set in for the seniors, this is their last fall season. Each of the seniors are struggling with their goodbyes for different reasons. Gay said the hardest thing will be saying goodbye to her people. She will have to say goodbye to “[her] best friends … these people have become [her] people.” Chalker explained the most difficult part of saying goodbye is saying goodbye to the “opportunities [she] was given.” One of the many opportunities Chalker had been given through dance, was dancing in the Macy’s Day Parade with Karastyn. Bennett is excited to “start [her] next journey” but, she will find it difficult to say goodbye to being one of the team leaders.