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November 22, 2019

During the week of September 23-27, students across Indiana participated in “College Go!” week. During this week, schools in Indiana celebrated by teaching their students about different colleges as well as opportunities in their future. At CHS, seniors took part in “College Go!” week by applying for college applications. 

On Thursday, September 26, CHS seniors filled out college applications on College Application Day. Thirty-seven students used lab JA206 to complete college applications. This day helped many students by providing resources if they had questions. Senior Jakob Thurston  agreed that completing college applications helped. “[If I had] any questions I was able to ask Mrs. Bell for help.” This day also helped the studens financially because many colleges across Indiana waived their admission fees, allowing students to apply for free. Before College Application Day, many students had not completed even one application. However, some had already completed college applications prior to September 26. Adaisa Coulsen, one of the seniors who participated in College App Day, had already “completed two other college applications before college app day.” Senior Grace Silcott had completed her “Ball State and Indiana University [application] before College App Day.”  After this day, many students filled out one or more college applications. 

Coulsen said the most beneficial part of this day was that “it provided free applications and time to fill them out.” Silcott agreed that the best opportunity from College App Day was that it helped her “save money from paying the application fees.” Peyton Revalee suggested that the best part of College App Day was that “it gave [her] a good idea of what to expect when applying to other colleges.” Teachers will now likely be asked for references that can be attached to the student’s applications.

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