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Makeup artist Jeffree Star and Youtuber Shane Dawson collaborate on a potentially record-breaking makeup palette

November 15, 2019

In August of 2018, Youtube star, Shane Dawson collaborated on a three-part video series with makeup artist ,Jeffree Star. In this series they teased the possibility of creating a makeup palette, and discussed the logistics of launching a palette with Dawson’s name attached. Fans of both influencers started forming a great interest. That was the final mention of the palette on either influencers side. The palette was mentioned once again in October of 2019, when the first confirmation was issued by Dawson that the palette was indeed coming. The video series goes behind the scenes in a way no one in the beauty community has ever shown. Dawson and Star shown the complete process of forming the palette, and gave details that no one had really known about just how much really goes into making a palette. 

 As a result of Star and Dawson collaborating, a merchandise launch also happened. The launch was unexpected but still shown great success and sold out in twenty minutes. The fans were extremely excited to get their hands on the official new merchandise, this kept the fans hooked on the collaboration until the release of what they were all waiting for: the Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Conspiracy Palette and Mini Controversy Palette. Dawson took to Twitter after his merchandise sold out for the first time in his career to express his gratitude. “I’ve never sold anything out in my life” Dawson continued,“I’m crying and in total shock.” 

Dawson is known for helping out his fellow youtubers including Trisha Paytas and Tana Mongeau and creating videos involving food. He also cracks many jokes about common things in his life like the medicine he takes and his Ubers he orders. The main thing Dawson is known for though, are his conspiracy theory videos.  Dawson used this to his advantage in the naming of the palette-Conspiracy. Dawson also cleverly named the shades based on situations in his life. The shades are named, Cheese Dust, Just A Theory, Diet Root Beer, TanaCon, Ranch, My Pills, Pigment, Food Videos, Flaming Hot, Trisha, Not A Fact, What’s The Tea?, Conspiracy, Diet Cola, Illuminatea, Sleep Paralysis, and My Ride Is Here. The mini palette was named by Andrew Siwicki, Dawson’s beloved friend and long-time camera man.

Along with the merchandise, Conspiracy Palette, and the Mini Controversy Palette there is be a clear lip gloss and a lipstick set. The gloss is named “Shane Glossin’”, a play on Dawson’s name. There are tinted lipsticks in this set as well. The Mini Controversy Palette, Conspiracy Palette, and the lipsticks were set to release on November 1, 2019 and tensions have continued to build on the quality of the palette. When the palette officially launched in the United States the website was unable to support the quantity of people on the website. The page crashed and upset was immediately caused among the “fans”. People started hating on Dawson and Star’s team on twitter, and Dawson immediately issued an apology. Once the website was back up, the team was able to collect the official numbers of palettes sold. Within twenty-four hours, the conspiracy collection was completely sold out. Star and Dawson were very thankful that even with the difficulties on their website the palette still had an incredible amount of success.

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