The Newest iPhone Is Taking The World By Storm


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Tori Brandt , Editor

From wall phones to flip phones and now iPhones, the technological advances that have occurred over the last few decades have been unimaginable. The release of the iPhone 11 is no exception. From the new high definition camera to the wide variety of new phone colors, the iPhone 11 has a feature for everyone. 

The brand-new night mode allows you to adjust the colors depending on the time of the day. The newest dual-lens rear camera allows for better picture quality.  New colors are also being added to the iPhone lineup. The new midnight green color is only available in the iPhone 11 pro. 

Apple released the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 ProMax on September 20 of this year. Each version of the phone has the choice of a 64, 128, and 256 GB model.

The iPhone 11 with 64 GB is currently retailing for 700 dollars, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max will run your wallet down 1200 dollars. The new phone has multiple new features that have consumers lining up to buy this new piece of hardware.

Critics are calling this the, “most attractive model of the iPhone yet”. The newest feature being added make the phone that much more useful. Now, consumers are waiting for what Apple has in store for the next phone.