Racing Onto Your Phone


Abbi Stinger, Editor

From television screens to phone screens, Mario Kart has been a source of entertainment since 1992, and the hype has yet to die as it draws in a new crowd of gamers. Nintendo’s Mario Court Tour was released on IOS and Android on September 25. Shortly after being dropped, it was named Nintendo’s biggest mobile game launch— reaching ninety million downloads in just one week. It is also bringing in a large sum of revenue from the players making in game purchases. 

As of right now the game has already had an update adding more cups for players to race in, reaching a total of sixteen cups. The feature in which many are waiting for—multiplayer—has still yet to be dropped. Until then, people can add their friends and compete to see who can get the highest amount of points on the leaderboard. The game also offers the opportunity for players to level up the amount of base points each character, glider and kart they unlock receives. “I love the character selection, kart, and glider selection,” sophomore Jacob Scott said. These features allow players to have some individuality while racing. 

Because of the fact Mario Kart Tour has become wildly popular, it is no surprise CHS students are joining in on the fun. “The new game is a great adaption of the classic Mario Kart games. Being able to play Mario Kart on the go is a great way to compete with friends,” sophomore Ben Bischoff, stated. He continued, “My favorite part is getting new characters.” Players have the ability to unlock new characters as well as level up the ones they have. 

Whether someone is a beginning player or an old pro, they can enjoy Mario Kart on the go. No one knows how long the hype will last, but as of now everyone is racing to play it.