October 11, 2019

This year’s Homecoming dance was on September 28. The theme decided upon this year was a disney themed titled, “Once Upon a Homecoming.” This theme was implimented throughout homecoming week, beginning with Spirit Week. Each day of the week gave students a chance to dress up with a different style, each day relating to Disney in different ways. Monday was Marvel Monday, Tuesday was Disney Tourist Day, Wednesday was Woody’s Round-up Wednesday, Thursday was Disney Dress-up Day, and Friday was Crazy Red and White Day, in support of the Spartan football team for the Homecoming game. 

The theme, “Once Upon a Homecoming” was decided by Student Council and was chosen from three other options.“The Student Council members have been the ones coming up with the ideas.” said Mrs. Judith Echano-Medina, sponsor of Student Council.

The Homecoming dance expressed the theme  by making the dancefloor resemble a ballroom. The location of the dance, the CHS cafeteria, also had small Mickey Mouse lights submerged in water with gold sparkles for decorations on the tables.

The Homecoming court, including the king and queen, were announced during the football game the previous night. Anna Chalker and Jay Gaddis won. Approximately halfway through the dance, the court was announced once again with their escorts. After announcing the names, a slow song “A Whole New World” was played. The court included Daniellyn Calonge, Spencer Creed, Claire Stinger, Dannett Baker, Colin Williams, Tatiana Carbajal, Abbi Stinger, Jay Gaddis, Nick Henry, Marissa Neukam, Anna Chalker, and Grace Branson. Danette Baker, junior princess stated, “I would participate in Homecoming court again and plan to run for queen next year.” 

Grace Branson, a member of the senior court, said, “I did enjoy being on the court a lot!” Her favorite part was, “riding around the court in my car and being announced in front of everyone.”

People could definitely feel the love that night between their friends. Most enjoyed the entire week of homecoming, either by participating in fun little games with your friends, dancing along side them, or hanging out with them at the football game. The homecoming week had something for everyone.

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