CMS Athletic Director, Trent Liggett Joins CHS Athletic Department

The majority of students in CHS transitioned to high school from CMS. The staff members of both CMS and CHS have had a major role in our education and athletics separately, but now it is coming together. In this upcoming semester, the athletic department of both CMS and CHS will join forces for the betterment of our teams. The CMS Athletic Director, Trent Liggett will join the CHS Athletic Director, Brent Duncan.

Though CMS and CHS are separate, our athletic programs have never been separate. CMS is a platform to prepare for athletics in high school. “By combining the CMS and CHS athletic departments, all athletic communication will be coming from a centralized point. Such things as the process of getting cleared to participate for the athletic physical, athletic requirements such as academic and behavior expectations, as well as coordinating practice and game dates or times should be more efficient,” Liggett said.

This transition will require change but it will bring success for both CMS and CHS. The success that Liggett hopes to see is, “changing the athletic department to better “fit” the athlete.” Liggett continues, “Change can sometimes be challenging and difficult. Throughout this year, the athletic department will transition from two separate departments into one with ultimately similar athletic expectations across the board.” However, the end result of this challenging and difficult transition will bring, “more opportunities for the CHS athletes to give back to our community and lead our younger athletes towards achieving their goals through being great role models,” Liggett concludes.

Just in 2019, there has been twenty-two mass murders in school environments. Therefore, safety must become a much higher priority because the consequence is far too high. Student safety is another focus of Liggett. Being given the title of the FCSC School Safety Specialist, Liggett hopes to better protect our community in its educational environment. “My role for the corporation as the safety coordinator includes taking the lead with safety initiatives,” Liggett stated.

In becoming the FCSC School Safety Specialist, Liggett plans to incorporate an agenda of change. “I will be training faculty and staff in the new ALICE safety initiative. ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. ALICE empowers staff and students with incorporating safety techniques to help keep our staff and students’ safe during a violent critical incident. Teachers now have the ability to call 911 and exit the building when an intruder is in the building.”

Liggett and his agenda has already begun to change our environment to safe and much more secure. “Implementing the new Raptor informational system which scans a driver’s license to check for sexual predators has started already,” Liggett informs. Overall, Liggett is dedicating all of his effort and time to, “making our building and grounds safer.”