September 23, 2019

A month ago, when asked about the Bahamas, travel and vacations would have been the primary topic of discussion. However, after the category five hurricane Dorian swept through, the Bahamas was stripped to its bones; only disaster and tragedy were left in its wake. 

The tropical storm began to form on August 23; however, it was not categorized as a hurricane until August 28. Despite the United States disaster relief aid helping and looking for those who are missing, the integrity of some US officials helping with the evacuation process is being called into question. Dozens of Bahamians who had presented a valid passport and no criminal record were asked to get off a ferry that was headed to Florida. An unknown person used a loud speaker to tell the crowds that anyone who did not have a US visa must get off the ferry boat. The person claimed they had been contacted by the US Customs and Border Patrol about the last-minute change in conduct. It is estimated that 1,500 Bahamians were able to evacuate to Florida via cruise ships and ferries after the devastation.

Around 70,000 people have been left homeless. The known casualties have reached forty-four; however, with many missing persons, the people of the Bahamas are anticipating the number to rise. The top priority of the disaster relief teams is not to give a death toll. As the Minister of Health said, “The priority is to find those people for their loved ones who are missing them […] to put food in people’s bellies, water in their throat.” With many tough days of recovering left, people continue to aid the Bahamas in hopes of rebuilding the lives of those affected.

Information obtained from CNN

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