With Homecoming Around The Corner, Finding The Perfect Dress At A Great Deal Is A Must

Tori Brandt, Editor

While everyone wants to dance the night away in the most fashionable dress possible, no one wants to break the bank for it. While homecoming dresses can be very costly, there are great cost-effective options for finding a dress that perfectly fits you. 

Dillard’s is a local stop on the dress shopping journey. Prices range from fifty to one-hundred and seventy dollars and the options are unlimited. There are multiple sale items as well to choose from if that does not fit your budget. Dillard’s is also holding a homecoming shopping event on September 14th for girls looking to make their homecoming perfect with the perfect dress. Special sales will be held, as well as a fashion show. Visit for more information. Photo

Another awesome stop may be only a text away. Most upperclassmen have previous homecoming dresses they are willing to sell at a reasonable price. Make sure to check Instagram stories, Facebook markets and snapchat stories for these bargains. Consignment shops, while not ideal, normally have some beautiful dresses for a great price. There is nothing wrong with dancing the night away in a beautiful thrift dress that is just as gorgeous and half the cost of the new dresses. 

Poshmark is another great way to find reasonable prices on homecoming dresses. The free app is known for its fast selling algorithms, so most items do not last long. While amazing deals can be found here, make sure to perform caution when buying online. Scammers are out there and most like to prey on buyers in the disguise of formal dresses. Always check to make sure the seller is a verified seller with reviews. Besides that, hundreds of used, but classy dresses can be found in

Raelynn’ photo

hundreds of different colors and sizes. 

If the price tag is not a concern for you, Raelynn’s, a dress shop located in Carmel, is a great stop for all your homecoming needs. From necklaces to shoes to dresses, this adorable local shop will support all your homecoming needs. Brands like Faviana and Sherri Hill are sold at this establishment, as well as so many more name brands.

All in all, homecoming is about having fun, no matter how you are dressed. The price tag of a dress should not stop anyone from having the night of their life.