Juuling Epidemic Leads to Teenage Nicotine Addiction

September 5, 2019

A trend of Juuling, a brand of e-cigarettes, has been ignited among teens in the United States. Juuls contain nicotine, therefore they were originally marketed towards legal adults, not minors. However, many minors still manage to get their hands onto this product as it continues to grow in popularity. The primary reason that the Juul is attracting so many minors, is the variety of flavors that appeal to a younger audience. Some of the flavors consist of, but are not limited to watermelon, strawberry milk, mint and strawberry lemonade. The convenience of the Juul is also part of the sparking attraction. It is easy for the minors to charge their juul, as it can be plugged into a computer to charge, as well as a phone charging block like a USB.  

The most popular flavor among the youth is mango, which contains 3% nicotine. Unfortunately, the nicotine content is just enough to cause lead to addiction. The urge to juul is causing students to bring the their Juul to school, triggering a widespread issue in the United States. Students will conceal their Juuls in any possible manor, and take a “hit” of the juul anywhere in the building. Even smaller schools are struggling with this epidemic, including Connersville High school.

Juuling needs to be a health concern to the students that are using them. According to health experts, the nicotine in these pods can cause lung damage and stunt emotional development in teenagers. On top of all of these negative side effects, juuling can also cause brain development to slow, especially in young adults under the age of twenty. The Juul contains nicotine, much like any other cigarette or e-cigarette. It is a common misconception that they are safe, or at least safer to use. Juul pods can contain anywhere from 3-5% nicotine content. Once the juul pod reaches a five percent content, it has the equivalent of an entire pack of cigarettes. Juuling, or the use of any type of e-cigarette is damaging to your health. There are students that have been left with permanent damage asa result of the temporary rebellion they are going through.

An example of the permanent damage left on the teenagers’ bodies, is 18-year-old Chance Ammirita. Chance only juuled every few days, but he was taken to the hospital from a Florida bowling alley complaining of sharp pains in his side. Upon arrival to the hospital surgeons greeted Ammirita and explained the damage done to his body. There was a hole in his left lung, causing it to collapse. There were what was referred to as, “black dots”, in his lungs, even after they re-inflated his lung. The doctors informed Ammirita that his lungs may never fully recover, and if they do, it will take years. A statistic that has recently been released says that around ten percent of students between the age of 15 to 17 juul, and the percentage only continues to raise.

School administration and parents can look to see if theirstudents are Juuling in a few different ways. One main thing is the sweet odor that will be in the air, this is due to the flavor of the pods not just being plain nicotine. Another clue, would be the irritability of the student. Juuling and vaping can lead to young adults being irritable and moody towards others.

There are many ways that these adults can attempt to help these students quit Juuling. One example would be educating themselves, and understanding that they are not going to be able to “cold turkey”. Another way to help them, is giving them the resources they need to quit. If a young adult needs help, text “DITCHJUUL” to 88709to get further information on quitting this addiction.


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