A$AP Rocky arrested, detained, charged and fined before release

August 28, 2019

On the evening of June 30, 2019, Hip-Hop artist Rakin Mayers, known to his fans as A$AP Rocky, found himself in hot water following a street altercation in Stockholm. A$AP and his entourage consisting of Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers, were reportedly walking down the street when they began to suspect that they were

Junior Luke Blakley
G. Eggars Photo

being followed. After an exchange of words and left hooks, the Swed, Mustafa Jafari, 19 years of age, was hospitalized as a result of his injuries and A$AP and his companions were arrested and charged with assault. (The New York Times).

A$AP, Corniel and Rispers were all held in detention from July 5, 2019 to August 2, 2019.

Junior Luke Blakley expressed his opinion by saying, “I think [The Swedish authorities] could have given him a court date and let him go instead of keeping him in jail”.

Junior Greydon Eggars
L. Blakley Photo

While they awaited release or information concerning the progression of the case against them, Swedish prosecutors sought to indict the men, punishable with a proposed 6-month prison sentence. “A$AP was defending himself”, junior Graydon Eggers stated.

President Trump was also anxious to have the rapper and his crew back home in the states. He expressed his concern and relief on Twitter, “A$AP Rocky released from prison and on his way home to the United States from Sweden. It was a Rocky Week, get home ASAP A$AP”. (@realDonaldTrump)

Although the proposed prison sentence did not stick, the three men were each charged $12,500 in Swedish Kronas, equal to approximately $1,300 U.S. dollars. (BBC News).

A$AP has been relatively quiet since his return to the states. During his first performance since his release at

the Real Street Fest in Anaheim, California, he recounted the events as they unfolded and his time in Swedish custody, “So happy to be here right now. Y’all don’t even understand. I’m so happy to be here […] That a scary, humbling experience, but I’m here right now. God is good”.

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