Abbi Stinger, Editor

As the new school years schedules have begun, students as well as teachers are settling into their new positions. First year teacher Macy Gard has started teaching Intro to Chemistry and Physics (ICP) in Waterloo 270. Gard attended Indiana University East and obtained a B.S. in Human Life Science. She is currently working towards earning a Master’s degree in Education.

Many teachers have similar stories about how influential figures led them to pursue a career in education. Gard shares this experience, “I went into teaching because I had a teacher that made me love science and being at school, and I want to be that person for other students”. With a decreasing number of college students pursuing teaching, it is important to have teachers like Gard who aim to increase their students’ enjoyment of the subject they are learning.

This being her first year, Gard is figuring out her teaching style and her hopes for her class, while learning from her position at the same time. “The main goal I have for my students is for them to leave my class excited to learn more, and to gain skills in chemistry, physics and life.” Gard continued, “I enjoy my students the most. They’re all super great to work with and seem excited to be in my class.” After Gard’s strong and hopeful start to her classes, this school year is bound to get a reaction.